GPS Orienteering event result

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Course information

Course name: BPK#06
Control points: 19
Length: 9180 meter
Created by: waldar
Map: kusaki_2018_2_bpk
Type of race: All in any order
Support allowed: No
Location: Show startpoint on Google Maps

Result table

No.NameTimeTrack lengthManual punchesUsed supportStart time
1Marcin33:516030 m0-2018-02-13 20:35:43
2AKroch36:115850 m0-2018-06-28 18:55:58
3EMM43:096370 m0-2018-02-13 20:30:34
4Mariusz45:096760 m1-2018-02-13 21:09:56
5Tomasz?46:016510 m0-2018-02-13 21:08:54
6Renata46:236660 m1-2018-02-13 21:08:53
7TomBo48:346490 m9-2018-07-06 19:23:39
8Kinga63:176490 m0-2018-02-13 20:20:45
9Darek Zagubiony70:456480 m0-2018-02-15 12:15:32